Fahad laments England’s misfortunes

Yesterday in the world cup England vs ltaly. Italy scored the first goal and then England scored the second goal. Italy did the last goal and won the match. Next match was Argentina vs Bosnia and Argentina.

Aisha’s Ramadan

In Ramadan I am going to try to keep 10 fasts because in mosque they said if you keep 10 fasts you can make a wish. In mosque class we are going to have 1 week off. On Eid I am going to were new cloths and I am going to get some money from my cosines. At least 5 pound from each of my cosines I mostly get £10. I am going to eat rice. On Eid we are going to make cards for each other. The cloths I am going to wear are sequin cloths they are going to be very glittery and they are going to have lots of beads on. I am also going to wear lots of makeup. I am going to my aunt’s house she will make lots of food she is going to give me lots of rice and chocolate. I might go to the park I will go on the swings and the slides and in the sand. I am going to eat lots of food.

Ramadan for Aqsa

In Ramadan I’m going to try to keep a fast. In mosque we are going have 1 week off, were going make cards for each other .On Eid I’m going to get new clothes and I’m going to my grandma’s house. And I’m going to make cupcakes. I’m going to get Eid money and I’m going to play with my cosines. On Eid I’m getting at least £5 for Eid mostly £10. I’m going to were new clothes on Eid. On Eid I’m going to wear a red shiny glittery dress with sequences and lots of beads with an orange scarf and green leggings and lots of makeup. And then I’m going to my grandma’s house then me and my cousins are going to go in the garden an play on the swings and slides and trampoline and we going to go in the tent and have a sleepover and there are going to be two tents and half of my cousins are going to sleep in one tent and half in the other.

The mysterious walk in the marshes (the second and final part)

The mysterious walk in the marshes (the second and final part)

by Nyasha


Susan fainted.

At the top of the hole there was gravel. The hole was gloomy. There was sticky, icky mud at the bottom. They landed on the soft mud. The children were wet. Wire caught them and noises came to them! Leaves crunched and soggy, slimy, slippery leaves stuck to them. It was cold in the hole: no sunlight could get to them. The rough walls scratched them badly.

When Susan had recovered they had some dinner. After dinner Lucy thought she heard voices. But after a second they died away. Then Mahnam thought she heard a siren a few miles away. After a minute it died away. They dozed off for the night. Susan woke up early morning feeling worried and guilty. Then Mahnam woke up she felt unhappy and bored. Then half an hour later Lucy woke up, she felt the same as Susan. Everything was dark blue!

Dawn was breaking; they could tell it was going to be a cold day. They huddled together like penguins. They were hungry and tired. After a while Lucy thought she heard or saw a figure. But no, her eyes were playing tricks, she was devastated! To pass the time they played ‘I spy’ and other games. Then they felt drops of water, rain. They opened their mouths to drink. But then they thought, “Rain, wet rain”. “Oh, now, rain,” Mahnam whimpered and whined. “I agree,” Lucy replied. They used leaves and branches to make a shelter. They were bored. Susan and Mahnam dozed off. Lucy didn’t, she was worried. She heard the most amazing thing – voices coming towards her. The voices were familiar but they were in the distance. At last they died away. It felt like they were there for weeks, or years or maybe centuries.

That evening, Ibrahim was worried, so was Mahmuda. In the morning the two children set off with a rope ladder, jumpers and blankets. They found the hole at 11:00. They shouted down. “Mahnam, Lucy, Susan!” A reply came back up. “Mahmuda, Ibrahim”. The rescue mission was here! Mahmuda and Ibrahim lowered the rope ladder down. The three stuck children climbed up. Then they put jumpers on and blankets. They got back to the Brecon’s house about 1:30. And what a surprise awaited them…!

A party, and all their friends were there. Their mum hugged them with great relief. Now the children felt it was all like a dream. The welcome back party was brilliant; there were all kinds of food like cakes, samosas and lots more. They played games and danced all afternoon. They were in the garden most of the time then they all said to their mum: “Thank you, you’re the best, you’re a star!” The sound of laughter was everywhere. Music filled the air. At the end Mahmuda and Ibrahim, the heroes, were given medals. Everyone clapped. They were all happy and excited. At the end of the day everyone got a prize. They got all their stuff and went home.

The mysterious walk in the marshes (Part One)

The mysterious walk in the marshes

By Nyasha


It was a hot summer’s day in the house of the Brecons.  Mahnam, Lucy and Susan were in the garden.  Lucy was being sporty, Susan was planting flowers and Mahnam was making up a joke.  “What are you doing?” asked Susan to Lucy.  “I’m skipping, running and doing press-ups,” replied Lucy.  “Oh!” said Mahnam and Susan together.  Their friends Mahmuda and Ibrahim were coming for lunch.

The children went inside to get changed.  When they were changed their friends had arrived.  They sat down to lunch.  Then Mahmuda, the naughty one, got up and said, “I’m the best and you’re silly.”  The others just ignored her.  Then Susan’s mum suggested they should go on a walk.

They got ready to leave the house.  They were packing up food and warm things.  Before they went they checked a list.    Their mum was going to the shops.  Susan gulped before they went…she was worried.  She knew something was going to happen.  She tried not to show it.

They stepped out into the open; the sun was shining brighter than ever.  They felt the sun on their smooth, dark skin.  On they walked very quickly now.  They wanted to go to the marshes where it was cooler.  .  .

When they reached the marshes it was very cool.  Then Mahnam came up to where Susan was sitting.  She got a fake spider out of her pocket and hung it on a thread.  Susan looked up and screamed.  Mahnam laughed.  Susan frowned and felt silly, Mahnam had just tricked her.  Meanwhile Lucy was running up and down.  Then she tripped and fell.  Susan ran to help Lucy.  She’d grazed herself badly.  Susan got a plaster.  She was well prepared.  Lucy got up and decided to walk.  Before they started to walk again they played a game.  They played ‘Queenie, queenie’. Mahnam was the queen.  The others stood in a line.  Mahnam threw the ball behind her.  Lucy caught it.  Now they yelled, “Queenie, queenie, who’s got the ball?”  Mahnam turned around.  She only had one guess, and she guessed Lucy.  Now she was the queen again.

Back in the marshes the others had started to walk again.  Dusk was falling by now; they didn’t mind a bit. But then they did.  They were lost.  Then they decided to walk in one direction.  Suddenly they saw something which made them jump…a light!  They walked towards the light and saw people. Then Mahnam asked them, “Which way is the way to the village?”  The people pointed out the way BUT…the wrong way!!!!  So they walked down the path, but it was a trap, they didn’t see the hole.  The people had tricked the children, hoping they would walk into the hole.  The children now were a metre from the hole.  Mahnam fell first, then Susan and finally Lucy…

Bankside is the best school in Leeds

Bankside is the best school in Leeds   because it is fun   and we learn a lot. All the teachers are very nice and they care about children.  Miss Rutty is the head teacher and Mr Florey is the deputy head but Miss Charles used to be the deputy head. Miss Jan and Miss Walton are assistant deputy heads. We have 2  music teachers: luckily enough one is my class teacher he is called Mr Copperwheat he is very musical and kind and the other one is called Mr Monether.  He teaches year 3 guitars and key stage 1 singing. Mr Copperwheat teaches year  4 5 maybe 6 recorders. I am in the recorder  group  and he teaches key stage2 singing.  Last year Miss  Butler was my teacher  she was very nice, kind, and once again caring . Our school is very knowledgeable and all children are equal.  The cap of my year is Miss Akhtar, the cap of year 3 is Mr Hall and the  cap of year 2 is Miss Dass and the cap of year 1 is Miss Sharp and so all the teaches are qualified to their job .   Let your child come to Bankside primary school – it’s the best!


My Mum is amazing by Aisha Yousaf

What else can I say?  My mum is just amazing.

Nelson Mandela book by Saima

Nelson Mandela - The Authorised Comic Book


This is a Nelson Mandela book it costs £7.00 46p I really want to get it and show it to the class cause it looks quite scary, fun, adventure, comic.

Saima’s mum is amazing

I love my mum she is amazing. When I wake up in the morning she makes breakfast for me. Even though my sister wakes up, my mum still does the job. My mum is amazing.  I love her, she chooses the right school for me, the right mosque for me.  She is awesome, she lets me buy any shoes I want whenever I ask her can I get this she says next time and then she really gets it.

Akeem’s morning in apartheid era Jo’burg

One morning in Jo’burg


When Naledi and Tiro went to Jo’burg, they found an apple tree, a banana tree an orange tree and a strawberry bush. And they ate some of the fruit and then they carried on walking and they saw a man who was on a delivery to Jo’burg. Then they asked him to take them with him but then he stopped the car and let them out because there was a big traffic. Then Naledi and Tiro started walking again. On their way Naledi and Tiro saw the police arresting someone then they tried to sneak past and they got caught. Then someone shouted “those kids are 15 and16!” Then the police let them go.  A woman saw them and took Naledi and Tiro to play with her kids and after a bit they went to find their mum and they fell asleep. When they woke up they went to find their mum again and then Tiro said “we will never find her! It’s too far for me, I’m bored”.

Then Tiro looked up at Naledi and said “it is going to rain” and Naledi said “don’t worry it’s not going to kill you, it’s just rain, let’s just carry on walking you baby!”.   Tiro said “I’m not a baby” and Naledi said “If you’re not a baby carry on walking!” Tiro said “ok”, so finally they started walking again. 

 Naledi said “look at the police station – they are so little even a horse can’t fit in there! Come let’s go!” “OK then” said Tiro. “Look at those houses they are bigger than ours, maybe the white people live in those houses”. “Yes you’re right” said Naledi.  “White people are rich and black people are poor, that’s why  we don’t have proper electricity in our village.”