Bankside is the best school in Leeds

Bankside is the best school in Leeds   because it is fun   and we learn a lot. All the teachers are very nice and they care about children.  Miss Rutty is the head teacher and Mr Florey is the deputy head but Miss Charles used to be the deputy head. Miss Jan and Miss Walton are assistant deputy heads. We have 2  music teachers: luckily enough one is my class teacher he is called Mr Copperwheat he is very musical and kind and the other one is called Mr Monether.  He teaches year 3 guitars and key stage 1 singing. Mr Copperwheat teaches year  4 5 maybe 6 recorders. I am in the recorder  group  and he teaches key stage2 singing.  Last year Miss  Butler was my teacher  she was very nice, kind, and once again caring . Our school is very knowledgeable and all children are equal.  The cap of my year is Miss Akhtar, the cap of year 3 is Mr Hall and the  cap of year 2 is Miss Dass and the cap of year 1 is Miss Sharp and so all the teaches are qualified to their job .   Let your child come to Bankside primary school – it’s the best!


My Mum is amazing by Aisha Yousaf

What else can I say?  My mum is just amazing.

Nelson Mandela book by Saima

Nelson Mandela - The Authorised Comic Book


This is a Nelson Mandela book it costs £7.00 46p I really want to get it and show it to the class cause it looks quite scary, fun, adventure, comic.

Saima’s mum is amazing

I love my mum she is amazing. When I wake up in the morning she makes breakfast for me. Even though my sister wakes up, my mum still does the job. My mum is amazing.  I love her, she chooses the right school for me, the right mosque for me.  She is awesome, she lets me buy any shoes I want whenever I ask her can I get this she says next time and then she really gets it.

Akeem’s morning in apartheid era Jo’burg

One morning in Jo’burg


When Naledi and Tiro went to Jo’burg, they found an apple tree, a banana tree an orange tree and a strawberry bush. And they ate some of the fruit and then they carried on walking and they saw a man who was on a delivery to Jo’burg. Then they asked him to take them with him but then he stopped the car and let them out because there was a big traffic. Then Naledi and Tiro started walking again. On their way Naledi and Tiro saw the police arresting someone then they tried to sneak past and they got caught. Then someone shouted “those kids are 15 and16!” Then the police let them go.  A woman saw them and took Naledi and Tiro to play with her kids and after a bit they went to find their mum and they fell asleep. When they woke up they went to find their mum again and then Tiro said “we will never find her! It’s too far for me, I’m bored”.

Then Tiro looked up at Naledi and said “it is going to rain” and Naledi said “don’t worry it’s not going to kill you, it’s just rain, let’s just carry on walking you baby!”.   Tiro said “I’m not a baby” and Naledi said “If you’re not a baby carry on walking!” Tiro said “ok”, so finally they started walking again. 

 Naledi said “look at the police station – they are so little even a horse can’t fit in there! Come let’s go!” “OK then” said Tiro. “Look at those houses they are bigger than ours, maybe the white people live in those houses”. “Yes you’re right” said Naledi.  “White people are rich and black people are poor, that’s why  we don’t have proper electricity in our village.”

Radiyat does some serious thinking


But who’s right, my mum or Grace?

Hi my name is Naledi. The country I live in is South Africa.  In Africa there is apartheid going on. I hate it so much the white people always rule any way.  I live with Nono, Tiro, Aunty and Dineo. I am 13 and I thought my life was good but no it was bad! I hate it!

I never really thought much about the situation in my country until I left my village to find my mum.  When I wanted to get on the bus with the black man driving I was not allowed to get on the bus, and my mum sleeps in a little cupboard or whatever it was (I didn’t know what it was) but no, no and no our people had to suffer.

My mum thinks that it’s ok for white people to have the best I just wished I could say “mum but what about us?“   Then my mum thinks everything is good but I don’t; my mum thinks bad things are good and good things are bad I wish she saw it how I do.

Our new frend, Grace, has a completely different idea.  She thinks good things are good and bad things are bad.  And apartheid is definitely bad! 

Yusuf raises a storm

The Storm

Naledi and Tiro were still walking on the hard, concrete road, tired than ever. They have been walking for 2 hours now and they got nowhere near their mum in Jo’burg. Tiro was hot, so was Naledi but Tiro was even hotter than her. Then Tiro started moaning in hunger. ‘’Naledi, I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat.’’ asked Tiro in starvation. ‘No. There aren’t any fruit trees around here.’’ replied Naledi hungrily to Tiro. ‘’Any water?’’ Asked Tiro again, scanning the horizon puzzled.” No water either, Tiro. Why are you asking me for the food? I don’t have the food.” said Naledi.

 Tiro was still moaning when a thunder cloud came. It was about to rain but it wasn’t a big cloud. Tiro noticed the cloud and ran to tell Naledi.” Naledi, I know that a cloud is coming!” screamed Tiro in Naledi’s ears.” So?”asked Naledi puzzled.” It’s about to rain!”warned Tiro.” I don’t care” said Naledi calmly.

Nyasha explores some issues about apartheid

But who is right – my Mum, or Grace?

“Hi, my name is Naledi. And I live in South Africa. I am living in apartheid time and I hate it! I am living in 1986. My Mum is in Jo’burg and it’s just me, Nono, Dineo, Auntie and Tiro. The whites are in charge. We don’t get to go the same bus, toilets, beaches and restaurants. The whites are racist they do horrible stuff to the blacks. They do stuff like: blacks to prison and killing blacks!


I never really thought much about the situation in my country till I started my journey to Jo’burg. I wanted some food way to Jo’burg and I didn’t know that the man would hurt us or shoot us. When I wanted to go on the bus I didn’t know it was a white person’s bus. When my Mum told me that she eats from a tin plate, she got hand me down clothes for us and got an already used magazine. When my Dad died I didn’t realise anything about the mines and dust.


Our Mum thinks that all children should go to school. If someone does something brave she thinks it’s dangerous. Our Mum thinks that children should not be in danger. All children should have rights and get a good education. She wants me to get a good job! But not get in danger!!!!!! My mum wants to be proud of me.






Akif tells us about the storm

The storm

When Naledi and Tiro carried on walking they went past a tree the tree was full of oranges. Then suddenly BANG!! A flash of lightning struck on the tree and the oranges were burnt and everything on the tree was all gone. It was just an ordinary tree nothing on it was like all vanished. Afterwards Tiro was really, really scared he wanted to go home, and “I want to go home said Tiro”.Don’t worry you will be fine as long as your with me” said Naledi. So they started to walk again. Tiro asked ”can we have a little rest now”.

Soon later Tiro noticed a big black cloud’ “Look there is a big black cloud up there “said Tiro.”Do you think it would rain? said Tiro “Don’t worry it won’t rain if you stay with me “said Naledi.”But what if it does then what shall we do then “said Tiro. We will see when it does now just keep your mouth shut ok “said Naledi.”Ok “said Tiro with a frown on his face.”I just felt a drop on my head and I am really hungry “said Tiro.”Didn’t I tell you to be quiet and anyway it was just a little drop of water “said Naledi with an annoyed face.” If I don’t get a rest right now I will die not Dineo” said Tiro with an angry face.

Aisha’s storm

A storm

While Tiro Naledi were walking they saw fruit trees they ate some fruit and then Tiro saw a storm. He was frightened, scared he told Naledi. Naledi wasn’t bothered. Naledi saw a rusty broken down lorry the door was fully open. They went inside then Naledi said “right lets go now. Tiro said “no Naledi why”. “I want to find Mma don’t you.”?”I do but it’s not a good day it’s lightning are you crazy you could die”. ”I am scared I want to go home BANG!


Tiro says “ARGH”. A flash of lightning. ”I want to go home and play”.” stop moaning you idiot”.”Did you just call me an idiot”? “Yes because you’re always moaning”. “I want to go home and play”. “Yes I know I want to go and walk into town but don’t you see the weather it’s pouring with rain”. “I know it’s because of that black cloud”. “Look BANG! That’s the second bang this morning”. BANG! “And another.


“Let’s find a shelter”.”Ok look there’s a old rusty broken down lorry let’s get in”.”Uuuuurgh I am sitting on mud”. “No need to worry Tiro”. Suddenly another BANG! “I am absolutely terrified”. “Naledi I am going to die Naledi give my love to Mma”. Naledi and Tiro got hurt by the rain. “Please can we go home now”?